Valentine’s Day usually brings to mind images of delicious desserts, drinks, dinner and dancing. These luxuries are sometimes thought of as “guilty pleasures,” but there’s actually nothing to be guilty about – these indulgences are not only fun, but each actually has their own healthy skin benefits!


Valentine's DayDrinks – Red wine can be beneficial to skin in moderation! It contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that fights free radicals.

Dancing – This improves circulation and blood flow, pumping oxygen and nutrients to cells to renew cells for more youthful skin

Dinner – A fabulous seafood dinner can be packed with Omega 3s, which your skin needs to maintain healthy cell membranes and fight wrinkles. Oysters and steak, popular Valentines Day treats, both contain high concentrations of the amino acids your skin needs to produce collagen

Dessert – The classic Valentine treat, chocolate, has antioxidant flavonols to fight free radicals and protect collagen! 70% or higher cocoa content is best for beneficial ingredients. Strawberries dipped in chocolate are even better – the berries deliver a Vitamin C antioxidant boost, as well.


Does this mean there’s something to the saying that people in love have a glow? Could be! Whether you’re with a date, friends or enjoying some me time this Valentine’s day, treat yourself and your skin will feel the love!


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