You will often find peptides listed as ingredients in skin care products, but what they actually are can get lost in science jargon, and if they aren’t used properly, they won’t work at all. They’re a really incredible part of a good skincare routine, so we’ve got the scoop for you on what these little guys are and how they work!

PeptidesWhat they are:
Simply put, peptides are amino acids – the protein that holds your skin together. Your skin produces them naturally, and they play a big part in your skin’s healing, renewal, and collagen production processes. They can also be made synthetically and used to help maintain beautiful skin throughout your years.

How they work:
As we age, collagen is lost, but is not replaced at the same rate as during our youth. Peptides tell your skin to produce more collagen. That’s right, you can help replace lost collagen! Peptides naturally form when collagen breaks down in your body, and they alert your skin that it was damaged. This signals skin to create new collagen. So, when we apply additional peptides through a skincare product, they “communicate” with the skin to increase collagen production.

Where to look for them:
Our Sea Radiance Rapid Eye Lift is a great example of a product using peptides to work wonders on the areas of our skin that so desperately need repair. Peptides are unstable, and need to be delivered in a very specific formula in order for your cells to receive them before they break down and have no effect. It is especially crucial to look for these products in airless containers, like our eye cream’s airless tube! (Jar containers are peptides’ worst enemy!)

We want to know your experience with your newfound, peptide-rich skin routine! We’re @SeaRadianceSkin on Twitter and we can’t wait to hear from you!

When you do laundry, if you have sensitive skin, you could be adding irritation where you think you’re cleaning! Abide by these tips to help skin stay happy.

  • Sensitive Skin Laundry TipsLaundry products can be filled with ingredients that seriously irritate skin. The surfactants in detergent can be drying and cause allergic reactions. Go for a detergent that is made for sensitive skin.
  • Since fragrance is a trade secret, companies don’t have to disclose what is used and they can use highly irritating chemicals. Switch to an allergen-free detergent (sometimes marked as “free of dyes and perfumes”) and skip the dryer sheets and fabric softeners altogether.
  • Many people fill their detergent to the top line of the measuring cup, but that is unnecessary. Don’t over soap your clothes – just use the minimal amount needed to get the job done! Over-using detergent can prevent your washer from completely rinsing your clothes of soap.
  • For people with severe allergies and eczema, try running your laundry through the rinse cycle twice to rid clothes of every last bit of detergent.
  • Avoid starching your clothes – another hotspot for irritating ingredients!
  • Don’t overload the washing machine – leaving enough room is important for your washer to properly rinse soap from your clothes.

If you are constantly applying your SPF, you know your skin will thank you. Sun exposure is the number one cause of skin aging, as well as being the major culprit behind skin cancer. But, there’s one place you may be exposing yourself without realizing it!

Airplane Sun DamageWhen you travel on a plane and get settled in to that window seat, you’re most likely thinking about the gorgeous view. But, those ultraviolet rays coming through the window are actually intensified between four and ten percent for every 1,000 feet above sea level you travel. Not only does the recycled air of the plane leave your skin dry, but a cross-country flight can also leave you with irreversible sun damage!

Next time you fly, be sure to protect your skin from airplane sun damage with an SPF of at least 30. A scarf is also a great multi-purpose accessory that you can drape over your face while napping or use as a pillow against the window so your cheek & delicate eye skin are not directly exposed.

P.S. Did you know that driving in a car can also pose a sun damage risk? 

Skin Cancer Risk - Vitamin DRecently, a study from the University of California – San Diego School of Medicine reported that higher levels of vitamin D reduce the risk of invasive cancers, including breast, lung, bladder and bowel cancer. This is fantastic news, as more people can take preventative measures against these debilitating diseases.

It is important to note, however, that the study did not include skin cancer. One person dies of melanoma every hour – with an estimated 5 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed annually, making it the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society.

Dr. Debra Jaliman, who developed and founded Sea Radiance, urges people to be weary of going out in the sun unprotected to get your daily dose of D – even if just for a few minutes. Although it is believed that the sun is the most effective source of vitamin D, she recommends a much safer, reliable alternative.

Vitamin D3 supplements are a simple, safe solution. Taking a daily supplement ensures that you are getting enough vitamin D to help prevent other invasive cancers without the risk of sun damage and exposure to carcinogenic UV rays.

Be sure that you always apply an SPF 30 daily to prevent the risk of skin cancer. With over 10,000 estimated deaths from melanoma this year alone, make sure you don’t prevent other invasive cancers at the expense of your skin’s health – or your life.

This year, Sea Radiance was proud to be featured in the legendary Oscars gift bags, going to some of the greatest actors in the world. We’d love to honor some of the incredible women who have been shining stars year after year, and Helen Mirren is one of the brightest and bravest actresses out there.

Helen MirrenMirren gained widespread fame for her performance in 2006’s The Queen, for which she won the Academy Award. But, her career has spanned five decades, and her Oscar was just one of three jewels in her Triple Crown of Acting! Having won a Tony in 2015 for The Audience, in which she also played Queen Elizabeth, and racked up four Emmys, she is one of just 21 actors in the world to have accomplished this feat.

In 1995, long before she finished her Triple Crown, she described her well-rounded approach to acting to USA Today:

“I’m lucky with the culture I come from. There isn’t the definition there is in America [where] you’re either a film actress or a TV actress or a stage actress… I’ve literally done film, television, theater – and on a pretty substantial level…”

Taking the gung-ho approach to not only acting, but also her life, has served Mirren well. Becoming a face of L’Oreal Cosmetics at the age of 70, she refused to have any of her photos retouched. She swears like a proper sailor, and is famously non-diva like on set. She enjoys life, and it shows in her glowing face on the red carpet – and in her no-holds barred acting roles.

What does she have her sights set on next? Become a Dame of the British Empire? A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? No, she’s got those two wrapped up. Saying that she does her own stunt driving and that she loves Vin Diesel, she’s told Yahoo News that she’d love to play a “baddie” in The Fast and the Furious franchise! We think that Helen Mirren could play whatever she sets her sights on, and we’re looking forward to seeing her on the Oscar’s red carpet next year!

Have you ever noticed that men often have beautiful, full lashes? It’s not just a cruel twist of fate – men usually treat lashes more gently than those of us who coat them with makeup and glue on the daily. Lush, full lashes are a sought after accessory, but you can get them without falsies!

LashesLash extensions have soared in popularity in recent years. While you may seek these out looking for fuller lashes, extensions have been the culprit of more eyelashes falling out due to the extra stress on follicles.

Fake eyelashes and glue can damage the delicate eyelid skin, as well as pull out individual hairs.

Mascara coats your entire hair shaft and can leave your lashes very dry. This can inhibit growth by making them brittle. If you fall asleep with your eye makeup on, this gives lashes almost no time to be free of waxes and oils, and the tiny hair follicles of your lashes can get clogged.

Dying lashes should be avoided at all costs! Dying lashes is illegal in many states and not only can it cause lash loss, but can damage your eye severely, even causing blindness.

Avoid these four eyelash enemies to help your natural lashes grow longer and fuller!

You put a lot of time, energy and money into carefully selecting and purchasing the skincare and cosmetics you use. You want them to be effective for as long as possible, right? Making sure you purchase products in airless, opaque packaging is the first step, but you can also protect your most precious potions in an unexpected way: keep your products in the fridge!

  • Keep products in the fridgeYour bathroom is a very volatile environment. It’s constantly filling with steam, clearing out, and changing temperature from cold to hot. For your products, it’s like being in the jungle! Delicate ingredients last longer when kept stable.
  • Your fridge may not have room for your whole beauty regimen, but certain things can benefit from the big chill: natural and organic products, skincare with powerful anti-aging ingredients, and favorite products you may not use very quickly because you stock up on them in case they’re discontinued.
  • Keep a plastic bin just for makeup and skincare products to keep them separate from the food in your fridge.
  • Have a little extra room? Fragrance also benefits from being kept cool. The steamy environment of your bathroom can damage the integrity of the fragrance. Plus, a spritz of body spray that’s been kept in the fridge can be very refreshing!

Scent is a tricky subject in skincare. We want a luxurious smell when we use a product, and it may make us feel like the product is working. You may purchase a product for its anti-aging properties, but if it’s loaded down with fragrance, you can make your skin situation worse rather than better. Fragrance is one of the ingredients with the highest risk of irritating your skin – or even causing an allergic reaction.

Green Tea

A Green Tea blend imparts a light, fresh scent to Sea Radiance Gentle Cleanser

Fragrance is considered a trade secret, so companies aren’t required to disclose what ingredients they use for scenting their products. It can be a guessing game when it comes to what you’re actually putting on your face!

While you may think your skincare is working, if fragrance irritates your skin below the surface, its ability to defend itself from environmental toxins, stay moisturized and minimize wrinkles will be compromised.

In our Gentle Cleanser, we don’t add any additional fragrance, but our Green Tea essential oil blend, added to soothe skin and deliver powerful antioxidants, also provides a light, fresh scent.

Don’t make skin work overtime to compensate for the fragrance in your products. After all, it’s called skincare for a reason! Reach for products that are fragrance free, or that have a gentle fragrance imparted by quality, gentle ingredients.

For the wellbeing of your skin, sleeping in makeup is definitely something to avoid as much as possible.

Sleeping in MakeupEvery once in a while, we all have our slip ups, and at the end of a long day, we may even nod out in full pancake-face. Don’t give yourself a guilt trip when you see your smudged reflection the next morning! There are few things you can do to help your skin recover and avoid breakouts, irritation and wrinkles.

  • Avoid rubbing off your mascara and resist picking at any breakouts that may have popped up. After you wash and tend to your face, it will look much less irritated.
  • After sitting all night, makeup can be more stubborn to remove from deep within pores. Wash twice with a mild face wash that can emulsify makeup, like our Gentle Cleanser, to ensure all makeup is thoroughly cleansed.
  • Allow your skin to have a few moments under a warm washcloth to work on your eye makeup, as day old mascara can tug out lashes!
  • Because skin didn’t get to regulate itself well under the makeup, you may experience vastly different skin textures. One area may be oily, one may be desert-like and need exfoliating, and one may be too irritated to exfoliate. Simply use a gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types, and then moisturize to soothe your entire face.
  • You may be tempted to layer on concealer, foundation and powder again to cover stressed skin, but try to resist for at least a few hours. If you can, let your face breathe and keep it free of makeup to help skin renew its balance.

Skin Damage from DrivingIf you care about protecting your skin, you probably think you’re diligent with your sunscreen. You apply SPF in a daily moisturizer and slather on the sunscreen when out in the sun, right? But, there are two areas that may be getting extra exposure that you haven’t considered.

While driving, you may think you’re protected, but your hands, reaching out towards the steering wheel, are uniquely exposed! Hands are very susceptible to signs of aging, and spots, dryness, loose skin and wrinkles will begin to appear much earlier on the thin skin of your hands. If you drive just an hour per day, that’s an extra hour in the sun on delicate skin you may not have even realized!

Select a hand cream with an SPF of at least 30 to keep in your purse or car. This will keep your skin protected, and treat dry hands and cuticles while you drive! In Japan, where sun protection is taken very seriously, it’s not uncommon to see women driving with gloves to protect their hands. You can try this option if you don’t like the greasy feel of some hand creams. Or, apply gloves over your moisturizer and enjoy your daily in-car spa treatment!

Windshields are usually treated to block UVA and UVB rays, so your face does get some protection. Side windows, however, are not treated. Make sure to keep a lip balm with SPF to apply in the car, as sun exposure through your driver’s window can also make collagen in lips break down more quickly and deplete youthful volume.

P.S. Did you know that airplanes can also pose a unique skin damage risk?