Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett, nominated this year for Best Actress for her performance in Carol, is this week’s #WCW. This is just the most recent of many awards and nominations for the 46-year-old beauty. Whether playing Queen Elizabeth, Bob Dylan or an immortal elf, Cate is always a force of nature, and we’ve admired her glow for years. She credits her mother with teaching her to protect her delicate skin from the sun, a great piece of skincare wisdom at any age. We can’t wait to see Cate walk the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards where she’ll be receiving Sea Radiance Gentle Cleanser and Rapid Eye Lift in her exclusive gift bag.

Best of luck, Cate!



Valentine’s Day usually brings to mind images of delicious desserts, drinks, dinner and dancing. These luxuries are sometimes thought of as “guilty pleasures,” but there’s actually nothing to be guilty about – these indulgences are not only fun, but each actually has their own healthy skin benefits!


Valentine's DayDrinks – Red wine can be beneficial to skin in moderation! It contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that fights free radicals.

Dancing – This improves circulation and blood flow, pumping oxygen and nutrients to cells to renew cells for more youthful skin

Dinner – A fabulous seafood dinner can be packed with Omega 3s, which your skin needs to maintain healthy cell membranes and fight wrinkles. Oysters and steak, popular Valentines Day treats, both contain high concentrations of the amino acids your skin needs to produce collagen

Dessert – The classic Valentine treat, chocolate, has antioxidant flavonols to fight free radicals and protect collagen! 70% or higher cocoa content is best for beneficial ingredients. Strawberries dipped in chocolate are even better – the berries deliver a Vitamin C antioxidant boost, as well.


Does this mean there’s something to the saying that people in love have a glow? Could be! Whether you’re with a date, friends or enjoying some me time this Valentine’s day, treat yourself and your skin will feel the love!

Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day is just days away, and whether you have big plans to go out or stay in and pamper yourself, a little prep a few days in advance can make a big difference in your skin’s glow. Plus, last minute preparations can leave you with irritated skin and reaching for the concealer – we’ve all been there! Use our guide to get luminous skin by February 14th.



  • Treat the delicate eye area for fresh eyes. If you have a big date or event, don’t stress! Getting enough rest can do wonders. Plus, add a powerful eye cream like our Rapid Eye Lift to target this area and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This will result in a smooth palette for your Valentine’s day eye makeup!

2 Days to Go

  • Exfoliate – doing this (gently!) can cause slight redness, so it’s best to remove dead skin layers a couple days ahead to let healthy new skin cells flourish!
  • If you’re going to be wearing any new cosmetics or fragrances on Valentine’s Day, test these out now. You don’t want a weird reaction the day of, so give these a trial run.
  • Apply a rich foot cream and wear socks to bed. In the morning you’ll be able to exfoliate your feet for a smooth look in your strappy high heels!

1 Day to Go

  • Apply a generous amount of rich body cream or body oil before you go to sleep for smooth, glowing skin when you wake up!

Day Of

  • Enjoy your stunning glow!

Savvy skincare shoppers know that certain types of alcohol can be drying to skin and hair. But, some alcohols in skincare are important and beneficial when used in the right way, and in the right amounts.

In our Gentle Cleanser, we used three types of alcohols that you should get to know:

  • Vegetable Cetyl Alcohol – derived from vegetable oil, this has the exact opposite of a drying effect – it locks moisture into the skin!
  • Phenethyl alcohol – widely occurring in nature, this alcohol prevents bacterial growth. It helps keep the product from spoiling, and allows us to forego dangerous preservatives like parabens.
  • Cetearyl Alcohol – this non-drying alcohol helps to emulsify the other ingredients and to keep the formula creamy and luxurious!

Woman - Alcohol in SkincareSome alcohols that dry the skin to watch out for:

Denatured alcohol, benzyl alcohol, ethanol or ethyl alcohol, SD alcohol, methanol, and isopropyl alcohol.

These are okay in very small concentrations – the closer to the bottom of the ingredient list an item is, the smaller the concentration of that ingredient in the product. In larger quantities, they can dry your skin out. Keep checking your labels, armed with your new alcohol knowledge, and enjoy hydrated, beautiful skin!

Skincare Packaging

Since the days of Cleopatra, cosmetic skincare jars have been a fixture on many women’s vanity tables. Elaborate packaging has a way of making us feel beautiful as we apply our creams and elixirs. Unfortunately, the packaging of some of our skincare can actually negate what’s inside!

A jar, classic though it may look, exposes your product to light and air every time the lid is opened. The most important, effective and expensive ingredients, like antioxidants and retinol, are the most fragile, and begin to break down as soon as they are exposed to air and light.

In the case of antioxidants, they’re just doing their job! Antioxidants help to protect your skin from free radical damage, and oxygen is a free radical. So, when the product is exposed to the oxygen, the oxygen is destroying the antioxidants in the jar. Imagine buying a warehouse of amazing fireworks, and then accidentally setting them off inside the warehouse. You would be accidentally activating the antioxidants within the jar before they had a chance to work their magic on your skin.

Many botanical and organic ingredients break down in the same way. Some skincare is packaged in a see through bottle to show off the product. While this protects it from air, the light destroys your product’s efficacy without you even knowing it.

Cleanser and Eye Lift PackagingSome skincare companies promote the notion that if ingredients are encapsulated, they are protected from exposure. Don’t fall for this! If they won’t react in the jar, they won’t react on your skin when they’re supposed to. Not to mention that dipping your fingers repeatedly into your jar can introduce unnecessary bacteria which will further break down your product and could cause break outs on your skin.

When designing our products, we were well aware of the shortcomings in packaging of the existing skincare brands. We wanted to create products that not only use the best dermatologically effective and natural ingredients, but that will be good to the last drop. There would be no point in formulating our Sea Radiance products if they would be destroyed once you open them.

This is why we created our Rapid Eye Lift in an airless tube that seals itself right after the product is dispensed. Our Gentle Cleanser is in an opaque pump dispenser that is protected from light. These provide the best protection for those powerful ingredients like Sea Elixir, peptides, antioxidants and aloe vera. You can apply your products with confidence knowing that not only will you feel beautiful, but that the ingredients will be working all day long.

Supermodels and ArnicaArnica has been heard on everyone’s lips in the fashion world, including stylish fans and supermodels like Gisele Bundchen, Phillip Lim and Diane Von Furstenburg. But what is this stuff everyone’s buzzing about?

Arnica essence is derived from the Arnica montana flower, a relative of the daisy. Flowers in this family, known as Compositae, are often used as herbal remedies.

The essence of this flower contains antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Growing wild in Europe, it has been known to heal wounds, muscle aches and bruises since the 16th century.

How does it work? In skincare products such as our Gentle Cleanser and Rapid Eye Lift, arnica can decrease healing time of blemishes, mild scarring and acne as it stimulates white blood cell activity to increase circulation. Inflammation is reduced – leaving you with a glowing, primed canvas for makeup or light moisturizer, ready to rock a runway, board meeting or coffee with friends.

Field of Arnica

Sunscreen in WinterYou may faithfully apply sunscreen on your summer vacation. But did you know that winter skin needs protection, too?

Though we may not feel the sun’s effect as much in winter, its rays still penetrate through glass windows, especially while commuting. Winter weather actually amplifies the sun’s effect because the rays reflect off snow!

For those of us who love winter sports at high altitudes, take note: Every 1,000 feet above sea level increases UV radiation exposure 4 to 5%. This adds an increased risk of damage to skin, which causes skin to appear aged and can lead to skin cancer. Ten percent of deaths from skin cancer originate in the head and neck area, areas that we sometimes neglect to protect in winter months.

Sea Elixir, found in our Rapid Eye Lift, helps to repair sun damage from past years. It also provides some natural protection from the sun to boost your usual sunscreen!

Why leave your skin vulnerable for part of the year? In winter, reach for a daily moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30. Your skin will thank you!